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DLTA Studios is a luxury womenswear label and creative studio. We design premium quality, affordable womenswear for life's special moments. Each new product release is supported by our in-house creative studio that creates content to explore our core philosophy: the importance of celebrating life and making memories.

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Aimee Daniel

CEO & Founder

Dresses designed with your moment in mind.

Do it for the ability to reminisce, gush at how good you looked and to revel in how fulfilling it all felt. Do it for the love and the laughter. Make it a night to remember.

Do it for the memories

The vision is to create a future where celebrating life is a daily practice

A note from our founder.

Welcome to D(E)LTA STUDIOS, a home for dreamers. Where integrity, authenticity and creativity are at the centre of all that we do.

DLTA products are exclusive and limited pieces, packaged together with intentional and intricate details. They embody the worlds of sophisticated and sexy; graceful yet audacious. 

The STUDIOS is inspired by love, life, music, fashion and all things art. A place where visions unfold and stories are told - in as many or little words as needed.​

So DLTA STUDIOS tells the story of a woman with no limits. The story of a woman who is resilient and walks with confidence, striving to be the very best version of herself. A woman who never tries to the fit the mould or compromise her truth. ​

Every piece is a love letter, from my heart to yours. 

They were dreamed in and birthed with love.  

With so much love,